Anonymous asked:
I don't really know how to aha...

just don’t tick the anoymous box

virgin--outfitters asked:
ur blog gives me life

ah thank u lovely person your blog is really cool too 

Anonymous asked:
do you have a tumblr crush?

ehh not really

Anonymous asked:

12. smoked weed?

yep so has every white person right

21. showered with someone else?

(answered it) nope

49. taken a pregnancy test?

took one today actually.. tested positive

thank u 

Anonymous asked:
You look A LOT like my friend Dunny, are u related to someone called James Dunne??????

James Dunne is my dad!!

bambiarafangirl asked:
30, 37 + 50? x

30. won a trophy?

Yeah got so many football trophies in my room go me, then some shitty ones from primary and stuff

37. had braces?


50. been suspended from school?
nope, got put in isolation but never suspended 
thank u very much bambiarafangirl x
Anonymous asked:
Is it normal to have tumblr crushes because I swear I have the biggest crush on you

who are you?! talk to me 

Anonymous asked:
Post your icon i can't see it on my laptop

Anonymous asked:
what's your fav photo of yourself??

my icon’s cool because i’ve known that girl for like 15 years and we met up in Zante it was cool